Datafile: Senator Andrew Obermann


Subject’s Full Name: Andrew Allan Obermann
Species: Human
Age: 48
Height: 1.82 m.
Weight: 80 kg.
Handedness: Right
Marital Status: Married
Sexual Preferences: Hetero
Current Residence: Washington D.C., UCAS


Andrew Obermann’s political career began in high school with the UCAS Army ROTC LTC. He excelled in all aspects of his training, and was on the fast track to an officer’s career in the Army. He was decorated in combat, and known for his outstanding leadership skills, do-or-die attitude, and willingness to step up and do no less than he asked of his own men. Obermann served for twelve years after graduation, at which time he left the armed forces to partake in home town politics in Lansing, MI.

His drive for political change became a part of his public persona when his son, Michael Anthony Obermann, goblinized at the age of nine. His wife, Deborah Obermann, became deeply involved with MoM (Mothers of Metahumans), and Andrew began his push towards equal rights for metahumans. This drive, and his honesty in the public eye as well as a lack of any sort of scandal in his career, lifted him higher and higher in government position until he was elected a Senator in 2074.

As a sophomore senator in 2075, Obermann has supported and introduced three new bills to the Senate that, should they pass, are perceived to spell the beginning of a new era in metahuman rights. His bills, being deemed “The Obermann Acts” by the media (although they are in truth separate bills regarding a number of hot-button rights issues), are widely supported by the public.

Most notable and controversial among Obermann’s proposed bills is the one that will allow Centaurs, Nagas, Sasquatches, Shapeshifters and Pixies to assume a SIN and citizenship within the UCAS.

UPDATE: Senator Obermann was reportedly killed when a [[And in Other News… | massive explosion rocked the Ritz-Carlton in Denver]].

Datafile: Senator Andrew Obermann

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