Caleb Hayes


B 3 A 3 R 3 S 3 W 3 L 4 I 5 C 5 EDG 5 ESS 6

LIMITS Physical 4, Mental 6, Social 7

ACTIVE SKILLS Automatics 2, Etiquette 4 (Street +2),
First Aid 4, Instruction 2, Longarms 2, Negotiation 6 (Contracts +2), Perception 2, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pistols 2

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Urban Combat Circuit 6, Seattle Area 5, Seattle Underground 4, Street Rumors 3

TYPE OF PAYMENT Percentage (20%)



Caleb was a 25 year old, up and coming sports agent, when several of his clients were caught using banned substances. That was 2 years ago, and though it was never proven he was unable to find continuous employment because of it. As it just so happened, a rare encounter with an up and coming underground fighter Demon Mask was just what he needed. For the past two years he has tried to rebuild his reputation, on the back of his new star.

Loyalty 2

Caleb Hayes

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