Maja Hase


Age: 20 | Height: 1.6 m | Weight: 46.3 kg
Ethnicity: Caucasian | Birthday: January 22nd, 2055
Hometown: Berlin, AGS

B 4, A 5, R 5, S 3, W 4, L 3, I 4, C 4, ESS 6, EDG 3, M 6

LIMITS Physical 5, Mental 5, Social 6
CONDITION Physical 10, Stun 10

Composure 8 | Judge Intentions 8 | Lifting & Carrying 7 | Memory 7

ACTIVE SKILLS Alchemy 3, Arcana 2, Assensing 4, Astral Combat 2, Clubs 2, Con (Seduction +2) 1, Conjuring Group 2, Counterspelling 3, Escape Artist 1, Etiquette (Street +2) 2, Gymnastics (Parkour +2) 3, Locksmith 3, Palming 3, Perception 3, Running 2, Sneaking 3, Spellcasting 4, Survival (Urban +2) 3

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS: Berlin Knowledge 5, Seattle Knowledge 3, Seattle Street Gangs 2, Sprawl Life (Scavenging +2) 5

LANGUAGES: Czech 3, English 3, French 3, German N, Japanese 1, Mandarin 1, Russian 1, Salish 1

POSITIVE QUALITIES: Animal Empathy, Linguist, Mentor Spirit (Rat), Quick Healer, School of Hard Knocks

NEGATIVE QUALITIES: Bad Luck, Distinctive Style (Tattoos), Paranoia

ADEPT POWERS: Astral Perception, Improved Sense: Thermographic Vision, Kinesics (1), Light Touch (2), Natural Immunity (2)

SPELLS: Armor, Chaotic World, Euphoria, Improved Invisibility, Increase Reflexes, Manaball, Stench, Stunbolt


Unarmed [Reach 0, DV 3S]
Extendable Baton [Reach 1, Acc 5, DV 5P, AP –]
Stun Baton [Reach 1, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP -5] w/ Internal Battery (10)

Chameleon Suit
Common Denominator Element ’link w/ Mapsoft (Seattle)
AR Gloves
Electronic Paper
Goggles (3) w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low Light Vision
Lockpick Set
Magical Lodge (6)
Reagents, Raw (dram): Shamanic x50
Sequencer (5)
Subvocal Microphone

SINless, Plastic Jungles hole

Cash: 0¥
Silver Certified Credstick: 19,138¥

Street Cred 2
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0

Current: 2
Total: 43





Maja_Dark.jpg Maja was born and raised in East Berlin. Her father left her mother when Maja was 18 months old. Her mother died from an overdose when Maja was twelve, leaving her alone on the streets for five years. She picked up her skills in stealth, breaking and entering, and her talent for magic during that time.

Her burgeoning skills as a magically-enhanced thief got some attention from the East Berlin underworld, but it was her bad luck that got even more attention. She left after a spectacularly bad outing, and traveled across Europe for a year. Her travels eventually found her upon a boat headed for Seattle, watching over a particularly unusual container.

Left without any friends or contacts upon arriving in Seattle, she found herself in the Plastic Jungles, and met a neoprimitive Elf sorceress by the name of Lethe. They struck up an acquaintance after going down to Hell’s Kitchen on a reagent hunt. Crashing wherever she could find shelter and scavenging enough food to keep her alive for a year, she finally pulled a decent robbery and was brought to the attention of Geordie Smith when she tried to fence the goods she’d stolen.

He told her he was building a crew to pull off some jobs, and he’d call her when the time was right.

Maja Hase

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