Datafile: Richard Rondo


Subject’s Full Name: Richard Ryan Rondo III
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 1.83 m.
Weight: 78 kg.
Handedness: Left
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preferences: Hetero
Current Residence: Los Angeles, PCC
Employer: Aurora Design, a division of NeoNET
Net Worth: currently 2.1 million nuyen; inheritor of the Rondo estate


Richard Ryan Rondo III could live off of the worth of his father’s estate. He inherited a love of software design and his father’s work ethic, however. When NeoNET purchased Aurora Design some years ago, Richard was part of the deal. He seems pleased with his employment and has not publicly voiced any dissent with the company line.

Richard is a renowned robotics expert as well as software designer. It is estimated that his software builds provide the framework for somewhere around 54% of Aurora Design’s projects. His robotics see much less use by the company, and tend to be more of his own personal pet projects.

Richard is known to be an avid boater, participating in numerous boating events throughout the year. One of his favorites is the Rio Boat Show. His hobby with boating is becoming more and more prevalent over the past two years, and he has rarely been in his office in 2075.

Richard has a security detail assigned to him during his outings from the Aurora Design office in L.A., but is well-known for giving them the slip as often as he can. This tends to put his detail on high alert when they are around him. The home office rotates his security agents out on a weekly basis, apparently attempting to find individuals that work well with Richard.

Richard is known to have a keen eye for the ladies. He rarely has managed to involve himself with anyone for longer than a couple of months over the past four years, and it’s a frequently-posited question in L.A. news outlets whether a particular girl has “tamed” him.

Datafile: Richard Rondo

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