Ms. Sarah Johnson

Corporate Asset Management



B 3 A 4 R 4 S 3 W 5 L 5 I 5 C 6 EDG 6 ESS 6

LIMITS Physical 4, Mental 6, Social 7

ACTIVE SKILLS Computer 6, Con 6, Etiquette (Corporate) 8 (+2), Intimidation 6, Negotiation 8, Perception 6, Pistols 6

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Corporate Finances 8, Corporate Rumors 8, Psychology 8, SOTA Technology 8



For someone who doesn’t officially exist, Ms. Johnson sure gets around. Sarah helps put the “deniable” into deniable assets. She’s the one who gets her hands dirty so the corps and the governments don’t have to.

Sarah has deep connections and a long memory. Treat her well, and she’ll generally return the favor. Screw her, though, and you might find yourself the target of one of her shadowruns somewhere down the line.

Sarah never goes anywhere without muscle to back up her plays. Her team includes three elite mirror-eyed company men who are highly trained killers that never speak and always wear expensive suits and black neoprene gloves, a dapper young communications expert with a goatee named Drew who wears a top hat, and a massive African Troll whose facial features always seem obscured by shadows by the name of Uduak.

Sarah, nor any of her team, bear any identification that connects them to any one of the Big Ten and will not discuss who their allegiance belongs to under any circumstances, but it is clear that they are backed by somebody with money and power.


Loyalty 1 Loyalty 1 Loyalty 1 Loyalty 1 Loyalty 1 Loyalty 1
Loyalty 1 Loyalty 1

Ms. Sarah Johnson

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