Suni Nati



B 3 A 4 R 3 S 3 W 4 L 5 I 6 C 5 EDG 1 ESS 6

LIMITS Physical 4, Mental 6, Social 6

ACTIVE SKILLS Artisan 6 (Writing +2), Con 3, Disguise 6, Electronics skill group 6, Electronic Warfare 6, Etiquette 5 (Media +2), Hacking 5, Negotiation 5

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Grids 5, Matrix Security 6, Organized Crime 5, SIN Databases 7, Software 6



Suni Nati works behind the scenes using agents to gather and create data trails as she codes new SINs for clients. With plenty of demand for people wanting to be able to have their existence acknowledged so they can buy those corporate-advertised toys and get out of the barrens, she can pick and choose her clientele.

Suni is also an expert in disguise, having relocated from Hollywood to Seattle after working in the F/X departments of a couple of major studios.

Besides Fake SINs and licenses, she knows how to get real licenses, and since behind every SIN there’s an artist, she can probably tell you the general seller of a specific SIN.

Suni Nati

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