Vern Reed



B 7 A 3 R 7 S 8 W 4 L 5 I 4 C 4 EDG 5 ESS 1.38

LIMITS Physical 10, Mental 6, Social 4

AUGMENTATIONS Wired Reflexes 2 (Beta), Reaction Enhancers 2 (Beta), Control Rig 3 (Beta)

ACTIVE SKILLS Aeronautics Mechanic 6, Automotive Mechanic 8, Computer 6, Gunnery 6, Hardware 8, Industrial Mechanic 6, Pilot Ground Craft 8, Pistols 8

KNOWLEDGE SKILLS Chop Shops 8, Combat Biking 7, Vehicles 8



An old African-American ork from the Cascade Ork tribe in Salish-Sidhe, Vern Reed used to be some hot drek rigger/smuggler who’s seen more action than most Desert Wars veterans. He retired a few years back to run a shop and do the things he loves most, tinkering with vehicles.

His sons have taken over the smuggling side of his business, and everyone knows to call Vern if they need something chopped up, or run across national lines.

He sponsors a little out of the way watering hole near to his garage and junkyard called O’Malley’s


Loyalty 0

Vern Reed

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