Urban Combat Circuit or U.C.C.

The U.C.C. was created by Arkady in the 2050, when several gang leaders wanted a place to air their grievances, without causing an all out gang war. Since then, it has sprung into an underground means to display talent to said organizations, and has developed into a sport of sorts, with wagers sometimes exceeding that of their public equivalent, Urban Brawl. These fights take place in a caged dome, where participants choose from a random selection of weapons to fight. A victor is declared on K.O., or if he is holding his opponents heart in his hand, whichever comes first. Though most matches don’t take it that far, some Champions like Gor are quite ruthless. Once a month, fighters from around the world (that decide to attend), come to Seattle for tournaments, with winners receiving a substantial rankings boost and prize pools up to 50,000¥

RANKINGS: Over its 25 year history, there have been thousands of fighters associated with the U.C.C. to which, years of competition, number of fights, win percentage, and most importantly tournaments wins, all account for their overall Rank. Weekly, fighters alternate between issuing and receiving challenges, with stipulation of only being able to challenge someone 20 Ranks higher than they are currently. Monthly Tournaments are mass entry events, that supersede all other criteria for challenges.


U.C.C. TOP 25

CHAMPIONGor the Destroyer

RANK 2ndFray

RANK 3rdWolf

RANK 4thJin Toriyama

RANK 5thThe Undertaker III

RANK 6thSparrow

RANK 7thLightning Jace

RANK 8thFulcrum

RANK 9thXhang Xu the Dragon

RANK 10thThe Duke

RANK 11thFaora

RANK 12thEralynn

RANK 13thGladiator Denara

RANK 14thMimic

RANK 15thJesse Kain

RANK 16thBoris the Brute

RANK 17thLyla Blaze

RANK 18thWhite Bear

RANK 19thGrimm

RANK 20thNomad

RANK 21stVulcan

RANK 22ndJade

RANK 23rdStitches

RANK 24thSimon Lark

RANK 25thThe Chameleon


RANK 78thDemon Mask


Emerald City Blue Maded Teek0327