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  • First Shadowrun

    _We'll it was finally the morning of the run Sunday, February 10, and after a short and night of rest, my nerves were on end. Last night we had our first meet. It was quite what I expected from our early surveillance, it …

  • Fight Invite and Rio Prep

    >02/20/75 20:15 >To: [[:freckles | Freckles]], [[:bartholomew | Bartholomew]], [[:dmitri | Dmitri]], [[:kai | Kai]], [[:zeke | Zeke]], [[:betty-sue | Betty Sue]], [[:maja-hase | Maja Hase]] >From: [[:asher-vance | Ash]] >Re: Fight Night Invite …

  • Fight Night

    [[File:536152 | class=media-item-align-center | 300x225px | Rinnegan_eye.jpg]]

    _The night of the bout was finally here, as I arrived early to the designated arena in The Crash Zone, I could feel the tension in the air. One …

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