How You Scan

Matrix.png It’s a fact. Everybody’s meshed nowadays, everybody has a commlink. And you want to be jacked in. You have a buddy list to keep up with, there are games waiting to be downloaded to while away your doldrums, you have to order groceries, do your work and collect your paycheck, buy that hot new product some megacorp is constantly spamming into your feed.

Everyone lives in an augmented reality (or AR). In this brave new world of computing, Information is added to or overlaid upon a user’s normal sensory perceptions in the form of visual data, graphics, sounds, haptics, smell, and/or limited simsense. Everybody carries a commlink to connect to this augmented reality, and your commcode allows you to communicate with the people around you.

Your avatar is a virtual representation of yourself in the Matrix, your icon. Everything and everyone else around you is tagged with an icon as well. The Matrix is wireless; anywhere there’s wireless signal, you have a connection. The signal comes from a variety of grids, or networks created by Matrix service providers (like NeoNet). Unlike the good old wild n’ wooly days, the Matrix is secured; Grid Overwatch Division (or GOD) is an organization created by the Corporate Court to see to the safety of Matrix-users.

Of course, some people still think that the Matrix, and information that travels its digital highways, should be free. These hackers explore and exploit the Matrix, without regard for the rules set forth by GOD. Some of them (called technomancers) can even cruise the Matrix without the need for a commlink or cyberdeck.

So what does all this mean to you? Everybody’s meshed, and the Matrix is a tool just like any other at your disposal. Use it wisely, and your stuff won’t get bricked by hackers and technomancers, Proceed with caution under the watchful eyes of GOD. And download new releases from your favorite artists NOW!.

How You Scan

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