What You Carry

The streets of the Sprawl are a dangerous place. The long shadows cast over the alleys from the corporate high-rises are even more dangerous. You already know what you’re wearing and who you know will watch your back for you. Now it’s time to talk some shop about guns.

Firearms in the Barrens are every man, woman and child’s best friend. From the low-tech sweatshop knockoffs to the genuine high-tech Ares article, whether they are owned legally (or most likely not), a gun can be your savior. They are everywhere. You got your pawn shops, your box falling off of the back of a truck, your back-alley arms dealers, and your kid brother giving you his pistola when he’s got enough scratch together to trade up. Grannies have them, so watch trying to steal those welfare checks.

So maybe, even though you can get one easily, you don’t like guns. That’s okay. There’s always knives, clubs, lead pipes, chains, axes and swords if you manage not to get bled out by a submachine gun and can actually get close enough to somebody to use them. Hand-to-hand weapons are usually cheaper, easier to conceal and a lot of times available to just pick up in whatever environment you might find yourself in. In a practiced hand, they can do the job just as well as a gun. But you know what they say about bringing a knife to a gunfight…

And, of course, there are some of you out there who scoff at using anything other than what you were born with. That’s okay, too. Again, you have the problem where you might have to work your way through a hail of gunfire first to even be an effective fighter (and no, I don’t work for Ares, thankyouverymuch). But a skilled martial artist doesn’t have to worry about being disarmed, and her weapons are with her everywhere she goes. That alone can be quite the advantage in certain situations or when traveling with certain social circles.

Licensing a weapon in Seattle can be problematic. Unless you manage a fake SIN, the SINless aren’t even legally allowed to carry firearms. And before you go sharpen your katana, most hand-to-hand weapons are in that same boat. The best you could get away with is likely to be a knife or a taser. Luckily, Knight Errant doesn’t patrol Redmond much, right?

The moral of the story here is: find what you need to protect yourself and learn how to use it to your best advantage, because you can be damned sure whoever is looking at you with that gleam of the old ultraviolence in their eyes has. Sometimes it’s dog eat dog in this Sprawl. Don’t get caught being the little dog.


big-blue-die.png Weapons may be found in the Core Rules (p. 421), and Combat is covered in the Core Rules (p. 158).

What You Carry

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