What You Ride

The Sprawl’s a big place. Getting around in it can be difficult at times. It’s those times when a vehicle of some kind comes in handy. Most of the vehicles you can find on a dealer’s lot are great, but you still need a SIN to purchase a vehicle legally, to say nothing of having a license to drive it once you’ve bought it.

The remaining streets of the Sprawl are run by the GridGuide system, which was designed to optimize traffic flow. That is to say, everything that runs the streets of Seattle can be monitored and tracked once it’s jacked into the Grid. The upside of that is that you can find your way just about anywhere in the Sprawl effortlessly and without having firsthand knowledge of where to go. Hell, you don’t even really have to drive; you can let the autopilot take over and follow the Grid to wherever you need to be, and take a nap while going there. The downside is that, well, you can be monitored and tracked. And your vehicle’s trajectory is likely to be prevented from exceeding what are considered by GridGuide to be safe limits. Keep that little bit in mind.

Off the Grid, and the alleys, streets and highways of the Sprawl are your playground. Just watch out for all the others doing the same Evel Knievel thing that you are.

If you’ve got the nuyen (and the fake SIN and license to drive to go with it, or aren’t afraid of getting charged with Grand Theft Auto), a good car’s a solid way to go. Despite it’s reputation as a toy car for corporate youth, the Hyndai Shin-Hyung comes highly recommended. Its modular design enables it to be souped up unlike any other car in its class on the market. And its handling is great out of the box.

If you can’t afford that, pick up a Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit. Sure, they don’t really make them anymore (the replacement model’s called the Edge), but these subcompacts are everywhere, so support for them isn’t likely to die down. Not to mention, remember I said they were everywhere? Really, they are; the best car on the road if you want to blend in.

But if speed’s more your thing and you have plenty of money to burn, why not just go for that Eurocar Westwind 3000 you’ve been dreaming about?

Chances are good you don’t have that kind of money, though. The next best thing to a car (and some say even better than) is a motorcycle. They are less expensive, usually have better fuel economy, and are very maneuverable. There’s the same wide variety of makes and models of motorcycles as there are cars, from sleek street machines to off-road monsters and somewhere in between.

The downside of all that is that if you crash a bike, then you’d better be wearing some road armor or you’re gonna be a smear on the ‘crete; and even when you are wearing it, there’s no guarantees that you still won’t be. At least a car affords some protection in a crash or firefight. Forget about all that on a bike, you’d best just hope you can outmaneuver them and speed away.

If a bike’s still too much for you, there’s always a scooter. Did I just say that? Well, they are fuel efficient and light. They are also slow, and most are electric, which means they run exclusively on GridLink power through the GridGuide system. Definitely not the best getaway vehicle…

For those of you cursed by a distinct lack of nuyen or the credentials needed to buy a vehicle, there’s always public transportation. Taxis and buses still can get you where you need to go, even if you might have to wait to be picked up and they all tend to be slower than plugging your own route. All of them follow the GridGuide system (or a track in the case of the monorail). They are cheap and effective, though.

If you can’t afford a car or a bike, and don’t want to take public transportation, there’s always the old-fashioned way. Hoofing it. Running away has its drawbacks when your pursuit’s in a vehicle, but there is one big plus to consider. You can run places where a car or a bike just can’t go.


big-blue-die.png Vehicles may be found in the Core Rules (p. 461), and Vehicle Combat is covered in the Core Rules (p. 202).

What You Ride

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