What You Wear

Fashion_Slave.png With life on the streets being what it is, lots of outsiders expect the fashions to reflect that. But hobo and bag lady chic aren’t the only ways to go for those who are a bit more discerning in their mode of dress, and can pull the nuyen to cover their sense of style. Shadowrunners, especially, need to be prepared to drop the cred to cultivate their images. On the streets, style is everything.

While many adopt the often over-used synthleather wardrobe, there’s so much more out there to choose from. A vast number of fashion houses exist to serve their discerning clientele, and cheap knockoffs of their brand names run the gamut. Or you can go really cheap if you want, and pull flats (disposable clothing) out of a vendit.

Extremely popular among the ‘runner set is clothing of the armored variety, giving both style and protection to the wearer. Wearing obvious body armor is frowned upon at most every social venue from the highest to the lowest, and can get you hassled by Knight Errant on a regular basis if you’re in any of the areas of Seattle they happen to actually patrol. Since it tells everybody around you that you’re ready for a fight, you’d better really be ready if you’re wearing it.

With the advent of bodyshoppes and clinics specialized in optimizing your appearance, body modification hit a huge boom. Everyone can alter themselves to some degree, and almost everyone does. From piercings to tattoos, total body dye jobs, and even more extreme forms of mods including branding and scarification, many shops offer a wide variety of body mods for their clients to choose from.

Even more high-end modifications, such as cyberware or bioware implants, are available. These mods offer a wide range of enhancements to their user, and in a varying degree of legality and lethality. Most of the more hardcore implants aren’t available in the bodyshoppes, though. You’ll most likely have to find some back-alley chop-shop with a ‘doc whose hands don’t shake too hard when he’s not slotting a beetle.


big-blue-die.png Check out the Gear Checklist in the Core Rules (p. 94) to make sure your ’runner has all of their essential gear.

What You Wear

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