Where You Live

There are all sorts of places in Seattle to hang your hat.

You are probably looking up at the Ivory Towers and wishing you were there right now from your tincan squat somewhere in the Barrens. Chances are good you’re stealing whatever power you’ve got from a nearby tenement, and your water’s basically a busted main somewhere. Food’s whatever kibble you can scrape up or grab from a vendit; maybe sometimes you eat fresh food at a restaurant when you’ve got some spare cash.

Or maybe you’re living a little lower than that. Under a bridge or in the sewers or steam tunnels beneath the ‘plex, rail-thin and barely getting enough to eat. Bathing’s a thing of the past, and devil rat is considered gourmet. The only security you have is what you make, and you have to watch your back all the time.

Or, if you’re one of the more fortunate ones, you’ve secured an apartment for yourself somehow. You have power and water during assigned rationing periods, and you aren’t too likely to be bothered much as long as you keep your door bolted and your “insurance” premiums paid up. The nutrisoy may be bland and flavorless, but hey, it beats starving.

One day, you might be able to move up the ladder and afford a decent place, natural food, and a few meager creature comforts.

Or you might even hit the lottery and get yourself a home inside a secure zone that actually has a contracted police patrol and security gates to keep out the riffrraff like you used to be. Hell, you wouldn’t even have to do your own housekeeping anymore.

And if a dragon’s hoard just happens to fall in your lap, you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile, in a beautiful house with a beautiful spouse. The world will be your oyster, and you’ll be on the VIP list of the most important clubs and restaurants in this town. Your home security will be top-of-the-line, with well-trained guards, astral security, and quick response times. Your home entertainment system will be better than that in public theaters and accessible from anywhere in the home. You’ll have a household staff, maid service, or sophisticated drones to do the chores. And if you have to ask yourself how you got there, you might as well do everyone a favor and just shoot yourself in the head. That, or give it all up to somebody who appreciates it a bit more than you do, omae.


big-blue-die.png The rules for Lifestyles may be found in the Core Rules (p. 369), and in Run Faster (p. 212).

Where You Live

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