Corporate Court Ranking (2075): #4
Corporate Slogan: “The Way to a Better Tomorrow”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Tenochtiltlán, Aztlan
President/CEO: Flavia de la Rosa

If you’ve bought any kind of consumer goods recently, chances are you’ve contributed to Aztechnology’s bottom line. Sixty percent of the goodies you find at your local Stuffer Shack (ninety percent if you count the Stuffer Shack itself) come from the Big A.

They make everything from chemicals to trideo-game software to military goods and magical supplies. They’ve got their fingers in more pies than just about any other mega, and their public relations campaigns are second to none. Which is good, because they’re also all about blood magic and evil conspiracies.


Just don’t say anything about that within earshot of the Big A’s ferocious legal team.



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