Mitsuhama Computer Technologies


Corporate Court Ranking (2075): #3
Corporate Slogan: “The Future is Mitsuhama”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Kyoto, Japanese Imperial State
President/CEO: Toshiro Mitsuhama

This Japanacorp is all about the computers. Robotics, heavy industry, you name it— but it’s less well known that they’re one of the biggest manufacturers of magical goods around. There’s a rumor going around that they’re in bed with the Yakuza

In any case, they’ve established quite a presence in North America over the last few years. The corp pays very well for success in shadowruns, but when you fail they … disapprove. And they have a “zero-zone” policy of shooting first and shooting more later when dealing with ’runners.


Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

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