The UCAS has a long history of being known as a cultural melting pot. As a major port city, and despite being isolated from its parent nation on all sides, Seattle continues that tradition. Throughout the Emerald City, one can find a variety of ethnic and political groups gathering to spread their ideals among the populace. Churches, mosques, and temples offer the faithful solace.

High above the squalor of the Sprawl streets, The Big Ten watch from their megalithic towers as their R&D departments labor over pushing out The Next Big Thing TM to the mass of consumers below. Their carefully plotted schemes drive the economy of the world, and their machinations are often the meat of a professional Shadowrunner’s work. The pond the Corporates swim in is a massive and dark one, as smaller corporations churn through the blood and mud to outpace their rivals and rise within the ranks of the Corporate Court.

Beneath and between the halls of state and national government and the skyscrapers ensconcing corporate powerplays, a wide variety of criminal organizations lord over the streets themselves. While these organizations do not command the same open (if sometimes grudging) acceptance by the public that a government or corporation does, their wealth and resources may sometimes rival or even exceed the GNP of a nation or profit margin of a corporate entity, and they command a respect all their own.

Below all of these organizations are the street gangs consisting of the disenfranchised of Seattle. To many, the gangs offer some small refuge from the chaos and violence of the streets by providing a sense of structure and belonging. To many others, they only seem to perpetuate the same chaos and violence.



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