Population: 187,822,981
Primary Languages: English (official)
States: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, North Missouri, North Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Seattle, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Government Type: Democratic Republic
Bordering Countries: Algonkian-Manitou Council, Confederation of American States, Pueblo Corporate Council, Québec, Sioux
Geography: Rolling plains, mountains, deciduous and coniferous forests, semi-arid desert
Notable Features: Appalachian Mountains, Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Niagara Falls

A democratic society created in the aaftermath of the Awakening and the rise of the corporate state on October 15, 2030, the UCAS government drew heavily upon the American Constitution when forming the new UCAS Constitution. Although several key changes were made, the governmental structures are very similar to those which ruled throughout the USA prior to the formation of the UCAS.

As a signatory of the Business Recognition Accords, the UCAS recognizes extra-territoriality of AA and AAA megacorporations. The UCAS constitution also recognizes contract law, particularly in the area of employment contracts. Because of the contractual obligations of an employee to his employer, UCAS law recognizes the right of the employer to pursue legal action through a properly designated legal body. UCAS law treats extraterritorial corporations in a similar manner to foreign powers, signing extradition agreements and formal trade agreements. A social implication of the changes to contract law was the secularization of marriage, allowing the formation of contractual obligations in marriage and setting terms for dissolution of the contract.

The UCAS has reduced its isolationist tendencies since 2057. The nation embraced the promise of change provided by President Dunkelzahn during his campaign, and following the President’s assassination, Vice President Haeffner vowed to carry out many of the promised social reforms. Over half a million Probationary Citizens were granted full citizenship between 2057 and 2064. This has led to the inclusion of large segments of society that had previously been unable to enjoy the benefits of government programs including thousands of non-metahumans, such as sasquatches and nagas.


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